Year 2


In Computing, Year Two have been learning all about pictograms. To begin, they learned how to use a tally to record a total number of objects. Together, we made a class tally chart to find out what Year Two’s favourite fruit is – strawberries! Next, the children found out that a tally chart can


In History, Year Two have been learning about King Henry VIII. To begin, the children learned about the infamous King’s family. They found out that his older brother, Arthur, was supposed to be King. However, Arthur became very sick and died, meaning Henry took the crown. They also learned that Henr


In PE, Year 2 are learning how to play Handball. This week, the children practiced dribbling the ball. They had to make sure they kept their eye on the ball while looking in the direction they were travelling in. Once the children were confident, they had to dribble the ball around a cone. This was