Events and Activities


Year 2 have had a fantastic afternoon visiting a Chinese restaurant in China town on Stowell street. They enjoyed a variety of delicious, traditional Chinese dishes including: chicken and sweet corn soup, beef in a black bean sauce, sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken. The children also thoroughly


The children in Year 5 have enjoyed a visit from an Anglo-Saxon visitor.  Pega (Dr Jo) came into school to show the children a range of Anglo-Saxon artefacts and perform a ritual burial! The children all had great fun giving themselves Anglo-Saxon names (Ms Graham became Heahferth for the day!) and


Children from across the school were very lucky to have a special assembly from Reverend Mark Worthington this week. He talked to the children about the true meaning of Christmas and why we send Christmas cards.


A massive thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas shows last week, the fantastic attendance is greatly appreciated by ourselves and the children. The boys and girls loved having you there, getting to show off their well rehearsed lines and performances. We hope you enjoyed them! Please clic