Construction on Fire

With Autumn now under way and Bonfire Night looming it is a good time to talk to the children about fire safety. We do this in class, where the children can share their experiences and learn which safety measures need to be in place before you even think about lighting a fire. We discuss risk, the fire triangle and how fires can be put out, including Stop, Drop and Roll.

Linking to our construction theme, the children then headed outside to learn about how to build a fire, and, if they are ready, to learn about fire lighting. Being able to listen and follow instruction is paramount in these kind of sessions. They remembered how to enter and move around the fire pit, always using the outside of the log circle. Hair was tied back and the children followed Miss Rowes instructions to the letter. The tinder and kindling were placed into the fire pit and some of the children had the opportunity to take part in this. Many children then used flint and steels to see if they could make a spark and the more confident progressed to lighting various types of tinder. Natural fire lighting requires a huge amount of patience and persistence but is an incredibly rewarding activity. The children were so proud of themselves.

Principle 4: Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

Article 6: We all have the right to be alive and develop in the best possible way.

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