Harlows Angels

Helping our friends at Angel Court to look after their new hens and garden is a very important task for the children to do. The residents really appreciate it especially as the weather is getting colder.

Keeping the paths clear of leaves and moss enables the wheel chair users to get around safely, raking the leaves keeps the lawns healthy. The hens were cleaned out and fresh food and water was given. The garden is still looking beautiful and the hens are really settling in. Soon the cockerels will be rehomed which will give the hens some more space and a bit of calm. Then hopefully we’ll start to get some eggs. The children are trying to handle the hens as much as possible so that they are calmer for the residents to hold.

The children worked so hard so were very pleased to have a rest inside and some lovely cakes from Julie too!

Article 27: We all have the right to a good standard of living.

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