Harlow Green Head Boy and Girl

Harlow Green’s new Head Boy and Head Girl have been appointed for 2023-2024. After writing a letter of application and undergoing a gruelling interview with Mr Allen, which included an unseen written task, this year’s successful candidates are now ready to embark upon their role. Democracy is one of the key British Values and the children having a voice within the school community is extremely important. The Head Boy and Girl have a key responsibility as a link between the staff and students, representing their peers to share opinions and representing the student body on different occasions.

As you know, a new school year has started and this new year brings many opportunities for everyone. This year, I have been chosen as Head Girl of Harlow Green Primary School and I am extremely grateful and proud. This year, I hope to tour visitors around the school, write in the school newspaper and represent, not only our school, but our community also.

For all of us, a new year of our school journey has begun. I’ve been granted the position of Head Boy at Harlow Green Primary School and I’ve been given the chance to represent this school. I’m looking forward to touring visitors around our beautiful school, meeting with local governors and much more.

We are both extremely happy and grateful for our new positions and hope to make a difference in our final three terms at Harlow Green

Article 12: We all have the right to say what we think. Adults should listen and take us seriously.


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