In science, year 4 have been exploring how living things can be identified and grouped according to their characteristics. The children were asked to think of their own criteria, such as living on land or in water, to group different plants and animals using a Carrol diagram or Venn diagram. They th


Year 4’s topic this term is Aiming High!  We are looking at how mountains formed and what better way than using vinegar, balloons, sand, tissue and Kit Kats! We made fault-block, dome, volcanic, fold and plateau mountains. Can you work out which is which? Article 28 – we have the right to a good qu


Year One have been learning about the weather and the seasons in Science.  The children started by going on an autumn walk, looking for signs of the season and then collecting autumn leaves.  Back in the classroom the children listened to the story of Leaf Man and then used the leaves they had col


To begin our Science unit on ‘Animals including Humans’, year 5 were given a selection of pictures and were asked to group them even though they had no criteria. After some discussion , they came up with lots of interesting suggestions such as grouping by size or eating habits. Mostly, the children


This afternoon, Year 3 explored rocks and used criteria to group them according to their properties. The boys and girls then had fun carrying out investigations to answer questions about their uses. The children then played a quiz to show their understanding of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic r