Delicious Greek Salad.

As the final part of our DT this summer, we chopped, sliced and diced up a Greek salad.  We have been looking at modern Greece after spending time studying Ancient Greece in History.  We have compared the Greek climate, geography, buildings, populations and culture with that in the UK and London and this week created a Greek salad to enjoy.

And wow – the children loved it!  Feta, olives, olive oil, cucumber, tomatoes and pitta were sliced and diced using the knives.  Mixed with some oregano, the children tried the ingredients separately and mixed with some dressing and herbs.  Everyone had a try of everything and many were surprised at how much they enjoyed it.  It was nice to see them enjoying a salad beyond what they traditionally perceive it to be.  Many commented how they’d enjoyed food that they had not had before so hopefully this will encourage them to continue to experiment and enjoy new foods.  The feta and olives were both surprise hits!

The best part is always watching reactions to the olives……

Have a great summer, the children deserve a well earned rest and hopefully they’ll enjoy a few homemade Greek salads on the way!

Article 24 – We have the right to healthy food.


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