English text treasure hunt

To launch our new English text in Year 4, the children went on a treasure hunt around the school grounds to find clues. They followed a map showing the location of the clues that were hidden around the edge of the school field.

The first clue was a huge black egg in a burnt-out nest, which the children thought that it could have been laid by a dragon. The second clue was burnt-out forest which again, the children thought could have been done by a fire-breathing dragon. The third clue was a metal helmet with two horns left in a tree. The children agreed that this looked like a helmet worn by a Viking. The fourth clue outside was a map showing a group of islands with very unusual names for the locations shown on it. The final clue was inside the classroom, where an image of the book cover had been cut and mixed up.

What they could see confirmed their prediction that the book was about Vikings and dragons. With many of them having already seen the film version, they correctly identified the book as How To Train Your Dragon. The children are particularly excited about studying this book, and can’t wait to start reading it next week.

Article 13: We all have the right to share what we learn, think and feel with others.

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