Foresty Adventures in Year 1: Magic spots

Great excitement and joy this week as Year 1 experienced their first Forest School session. Over the term we will be investigating all of our school grounds in detail. It is important that the children feel a strong sense of closeness to and ownership of their surroundings, learning about nature in all its glory.  Our aim to encourage them to  understand  their vital role in understanding and protecting our natural world.

Today we have been looking for Magic Spots. Spots that can give us a sense of wonder and delight, or perhaps spots where we can be quiet and peaceful. They could be purely natural or have been developed by the children themselves. During their years at Harlow Green many children will find special places of their own to enjoy, today Miss Rowe shared some of hers.

After visiting the magic spots the children were given a small bag and some scissors so that they could collect some interesting objects. We discussed how to collect natural materials without damaging the plants and set the children off the investigate. Once they’d collected their items they could place them together to make a person or little creature. Such a lovely inspiring way to spend the afternoon and their faces said it all.

Next week we investigate Spikes, Stings and Scratchy things as the children learn about risk assessment.

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Lovely photos, outdoor play and discovery is so important.

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