Year 6


This week in DT, the children in Year 6 have made a working Morse Code transmitter. Firstly, they had to find out what a Morse Code transmitter did. After this, they designed their product. The children remembered how to create a circuit using their knowledge from Science and applied this knowledge


Harlow Green qualify for the Tyne and Wear Finals! What an afternoon for our Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics Team at the Gateshead School Sports Partnership Indoor Athletics Finals. All athletes did exceptionally well and gave a 100% on every single event, in addition to attending extra training sessi


This term, Year Six have been studying World War Two. As part of this, in PE lessons, the children have been learning different types of dances that came about during wartime. They have enjoyed practising the Jive to the song Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley – a song that they have also been lear


The last fortnight, has seen an excellent effort by the children in their reading in Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader. It is clear that the competition for ‘Word Read’ certificates is clearly inspiring some as we have 10 more 50,000 word readers. Even more impressively, we have our first Reading