Year 6


It has been lovely over the last few weeks to be able to go around school and talk to the children about some of the books that they have been reading at home. Reading is one of the most important life-skills that a child will ever learn, but more so, it can bring such pleasure and enjoyment. This w


As we come towards the end of the second term, it is pleasing to see so many children earning 50,000 and 100,00 word certificates for their reading. It is vital that children read regularly – both from the Reading Plus programme and also their Accelerated Reader books. This does, of course,  form p


In French this term, Year Six have been discussing their daily timetable. The children began by writing about their school day including timings of subjects. They then went on to add their opinions about different subjects and whether they liked or disliked them. They worked in pairs to ask and answ


Year 6 children enjoyed a visit from Chef Nick, where they worked in groups to prepare and cook their own Mexican dishes – a chilli and burritos. The chef discussed healthy living and the importance of a balanced diet. It was interesting to see the children mixing the spices with the raw chicken  a


The children in Year 6 have been learning about volume.  To begin with, they used multilink cubes to make 3D shapes of given volumes and learnt that shapes with the same volume can look very different.  Then, they used the cubes to make 3D shapes from pictures and find their volumes. The children