Year 2


As part of our end of term activities, all children from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in a class quiz focussed around their foundation subjects (History, Art, Geography, Science, PE etc) whether it is individually on the iPads or as a class, using the interactive quiz tool – Mentimeter.  The teachers


In Art, Year Two have been learning all about tie-dye. First, they learned about Yokisho Wada, a Japanese artist. She uses a dyeing technique called Shibori, which is very similar to tie-dye. The children said whether they liked her artwork or not and described how it made them feel. The children th


It has been lovely over the last few weeks to be able to go around school and talk to the children about some of the books that they have been reading at home. Reading is one of the most important life-skills that a child will ever learn, but more so, it can bring such pleasure and enjoyment. This w


In music this half term, Year Two have been focusing on composition. The children began composing  with body percussion. They used their body parts to create sounds and then sequenced them to make a rhythm. Once the children were happy with their rhythm they then began composing on the glockenspiel


On Tuesday, Year Two went to Newcastle Central Mosque. This half term, the children have learned all about Islam in RE. When they arrived at the Mosque, the children had to take their shoes off and could smell incense burning. Muslims also have to wash before entering the Mosque. The children found