Art & Design


In Art this term, Year 2 have been learning all about patterns. First, we learnt three different techniques to tie-dye. The patterns these created were spots, stripes and spirals. The children tried all of these techniques on a small bit of fabric. They had to roll, pinch or twist the material and t


This week in Reception, we have been learning all about growing beanstalks and how the process of growing a plant works. We talked about the plants life cycle going from planting a seed all the way to a beanstalk with peapods. The children have enjoyed planting their own beans in the outdoor area an


The boys and girls have enjoyed learning about bees this week! We read ‘The Very Greedy Bee’ and talked about the bee in the story and whether he should have been so greedy! The children enjoyed making bee puppets, making delicious honey sandwiches and painting buzzy bees. We have planted flowers in