Year 3


After learning about castles, our art topic has allowed the children in Year 3 to design a flag that they could have flown above their own castle. The children created sketches of four important things in their lives and designed symbols to represent these drawings.  They then used their knowledge


Over the last two weeks, Year 3 children have been learning about castles as part of our History topic. The children have identified features of castles and how the design of castles changed over time. By watching videos, the children have learnt about life in a castle during medieval times.  They


All week, the school has been talking about the European Football Championship! Each class in the school has been given a country to support throughout the championships and all of the children are excited to follow their team (and England, of course) throughout their matches. The teams each class h


In Science, Year 3 have begun learning about magnets and their magnetic fields. This week, they have carried out two investigations. During the first, they tested a range of materials to find out which were magnetic and which were non-magnetic. The next day, they used different types of magnets and