Year 3


In Maths this week, the boys and girls have been learning how to multiply a single digit number by a two digit number. They represented the calculation in two different ways: as a repeated addition calculation and a multiplication calculation.  The children used place value counters to represent th


In RE, the boys and girls have been learning about the importance of Moses to people of the Jewish faith. They enjoyed listening to the story before ordering the events and verbally retelling it to their partners. The children were all very curious and asked some great questions along the way. They


Mrs Cunningham, our Kidsafe leader, visited both Year 3 classes with her puppet KS.  She talked to the children about who they could go to if they were worried.  The children made their own list of trusted adults, which included grown-ups at home and in school.  Mrs Cunningham also talked about


This week in Year 3, we have been studying our local area. The children have used Google Earth to locate their homes and identify the land use around us. Using this information, the children have enjoyed creating their own sketch maps of our locality. To identify the different types of land use, the


In Gymnastics, Year 3 have been learning about body shapes. They began by learning how to make static shapes including a star, pike, straddle and tuck. This week, they moved onto shapes in the air. Children were given the opportunity to practise jumps and turns, taking off from the bench and landing