Year 3


Reading continues to be a key focus in school – it opens so many doors and allows the children to explore other curriculum subjects. But, perhaps more importantly, it allows them to immerse themselves in book, magazines, comics and newspapers simply for the pleasure of reading. Our two, KS2 reading


With lighter nights, I’m finding even more time to read at the minute and am loving the range of new books that are available in bookshops at the moment. For anybody who hasn’t ever been, Seven Stories in Newcastle is now free entry and it is a magical world of books and stories that can provide hou


This week, the boys and girls in Year 3 enjoyed a trip to Alnwick Castle. After learning about the features of a castle in class, they were all really keen to see which of these they could spot as they explored the castle and its grounds. The children were lucky enough to participate in two workshop


This week, KS came to visit the children in Year 3 with Mrs Cunningham. All of the children really enjoy speaking to KS and Mrs Cunningham. The boys and girls reviewed the rules for children from Kidsafe to keep their bodies safe. They know that they are the boss of their bodies and that no one is a


The children in Year 3 have had an amazing red, white and blue day celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  They began their day finding out some important facts about Queen Elizabeth II and her family.  They enjoyed learning new information such as the number of children, grandchildren and gr