In Topic this half term, year 4 have been learning all about Ancient Greece. This has without doubt been one of their favourite topics so far! The children began by creating a timeline of the Ancient Greek civilisation which began in 2200BC and ended in 146BC. They were able to use these dates to ca


Over the past two weeks, Year One has been learning about the past. The children firstly learnt what the past is and what the subject of history means. We looked at toys from long ago such as a spinning top, a teddy bear, marbles and a rocking horse. Then everyone made their own cup and ball. We eve


This week, we have started our History work as part of our ‘Leaving a Legacy’ topic. Our focus is on the Romans and the inventions and influences that they have had on British society. We have created a timeline of key dates and figures involve in the Roman invasion and conquest and have also resear


Over the past week, Year 5 have been studying the Anglo Saxons, which links to our work in English on ‘Beowulf’. The children were given key information about the time period, and worked in pairs to order this chronologically. Following on from this, they extracted the most important information abo


Year One went back in time this week.  We learnt all about fossils and how they can help palaeontologists learn about the lives of dinosaurs.  They even found out about a special kind of fossil called an ammonite.  Everyone had a go at making a fossil out of salt dough.  They had to roll it into