Reading Corner

A final reading corner for the 2021-2022 academic year. It has been brilliant to see and talk to the children this year about the books they have read and the authors they love. Next year, we have a few exciting things coming involving reading – including a closer link with Gateshead Library Service. We all hope that over the holidays, the children have plenty of opportunities to simply enjoy reading books. At the start of the next year, their new teachers will be asking them to share a book they have enjoyed reading over the holidays.

Final recommendations of the year:

The Robber Racoon (Aged 4+): A fun picture book where Rosie Raccoon was up to no good out and about in a grand neighbourhood. It seems Rosie is up to no good as she breaks into the houses of Bear, Flamingo and Snake, but when Officer Skunk catches her in the act all she has taken is junk! But Rosie has a plan to recycle these treasures and make something new . . .

Ali Cross The Secret Detective (Aged 8+): I love James Patterson’s adult books about Alex Cross and was dying to read this new book. It definitely won’t disappoint with the same brilliant writing but aimed at a younger audience. I am really hoping this becomes a series of books.

Don’t forget the library reading challenge. There’s a lot going on in Gateshead this Summer, so hopefully you can get down to a few of the workshops.

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