Everyone in Year One was excited to start their new topic of Houses and Homes. We started off the week by looking at photos and pictures of different kinds of houses. The children loved showing their class photos of their house and we learnt the names of different kinds of houses – detached, semi-de


Across school at the end of term, all the children take part in a quiz using the app Mentimeter.  This quizzes them on all things to do with foundation lessons such as History, Geography, Art, PE, Science and more….The classes ring out with cheers and drum rolls. The children are really used to t


In our Geography work this term, the children have learnt about the characteristics of a desert region and how the River Nile supports life in Egypt. While learning about the River Nile, the children have labelled a map of its journey through Egypt. They have learnt about different types of flooding


This week was the first time Year One had a Geography lesson. We talked about where we live. Some children said that they lived in Gateshead whilst others were able to say their address. The children learnt that we all live in a country called England. We found it on a globe and realised that Englan


In Geography this half term, we reviewed some of our previous learning about compass points and continents then looked at the 5 key lines of latitude that spread out from the Equator.  Narrowing our view of the world down, we focused on Europe, looking at the countries within the continent of Europ


Year 6 have had great fun over the last two weeks in their Geography block. They have been introduced to a number of new skills – linked to their Peace Keepers topic. They started off with some cartography (looking at maps) to locate the position of cities, towns and counties in the UK. After this t


Today we were lucky enough to have visitors from Costain who came in to talk to the children about the ongoing improvements being made to the A1 and how it has impacted on wildlife. Our visitors were called Mark and Emma and first of all they talked about the importance of roads and what we use them


This week in Year 5, we moved onto our next topic, and for the next two weeks we are going to be learning all about rivers. To start off our new topic, the children used atlases to identify and locate the most famous rivers in the word. They were given a blank map with rivers from each continent. In