Following a successful and inspiring visit from the author, Saviour Pirotta, this week’s recommendations are both books that he talked to the children about. It was interesting to hear that all of his books take six months to write and two years to be eventually published. The children showed a keen


It has been a busy few weeks at Harlow Green – with an author visit, Star Reader tests and lots of reading activities in class in English going on. It is always pleasing to look at the Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader websites to see how much effort the children have been putting into their read


In Literacy this week we read the story “The Train Ride” which focuses on a train journey to the seaside and a variety of things that may be seen, out of the window, along the way. The children were set a challenge to recall the story through pictures and sequence them in the correct order from


This is the first Reading Stars post since Christmas and takes into account all of the reading the children have been doing in KS2 since January. It has been brilliant to see so many children eager to read, share books and take quizzes on their own books as well as those they have read in school. We


This week in English we have had a big reveal. The boys and girls were keen to find out what their new class story is. They began by discussing the clue – a necklace. They predicted that the shapes were bones and teeth. They then got creative and had a go at making their own necklace before reveal


This term in English lessons, Year Six have been studying Skellig by David Almond.  In the first  lesson, the children enjoyed looking at different covers of the book to predict what would happen. Then, after reading the first few chapters, they learned that the main character, Michael, found a st


This week, Year Two started to read their new book in English – ‘Into the Woods’ written by Anthony Browne. For their first lesson, the children focused on the front cover. They discussed what they could see and thought about where the boy might be going.  The boys and girls had some fantastic idea