Year 3 have been learning about digital devices. This week, they discussed activities which we use digital devices for and thought about how digital devices can help us. The boys and girls then had a go at recreating a well known piece of artwork using both a paint program on the iPad and coloured p


In Year 2, we have been learning about staying safe online. One way we have learnt to stay safe is to use an avatar instead of a photo of ourselves. This keeps us safe as it means we are not identifiable as ourselves online. We also discussed that this means that we cannot identify other people onli


This half-term, the children have enjoyed using Tinkercad to produce 3D models. they have learnt how to resize, move, rotate and group objects to produce models of different 3D products. Last week, they designed a pencil pot (complete with pencils) and this week they have created photo frames. Artic


This week in Maths, the boys and girls have been learning about position and direction. They began by using vocabulary such as forwards, backwards, left and right. They then progressed on to describing turns using clockwise and anticlockwise. To put their new skills to the test, they were challenged


This week in Computing, Year 3 were faced with the question ‘Can a picture move?’ They were introduced to the term animation and enjoyed discussing animations they had watched. Afterwards, the boys and girls had great fun learning how to create their own flip book animations to make a stick man wave

On Safer Internet Day, Nursery children have been talking about the internet and their experiences of using it on a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles and PCs.  We talked about some of the web sites that they might visit which incluided sites like Cbeebies and Youtube.  Nurs


This week, pupils attending Code Club had fun programming the BBC Microbits to play notes on a banana keyboard.  They created their code including variables and loops that was then downloaded to the Microbit and attached to a circuit containing bananas and a citrus fruit.     They then tried out


The children in Reception have enjoyed exploring our technology area this week. The children loved using the walkie talkies to talk to their friends. They could talk to each other in lots of different locations. They have also enjoyed exploring the metal detectors and finding out which materials are