Go Harlow Green Athletics Team!

The Gateshead School Sports Partnership annual athletics festival at Gateshead International Stadium is always a highlight of the annual sporting calendar.

It was another amazing day and largely dry and bright!  Our team of 20 children from Years 3,4,5 and 6 raced, hurdled, jumped and threw their way to a great haul of rightly deserved medals.  After weeks of training, we were delighted to bring home a GOLD for the Girls’ 400m long distance, a SILVER for the Boys’ 400m (missing gold by just one second) and 6 BRONZE medals for the Girls’ Relay team, the Boys’ Three Spring Jump and Girls’ Long Jump.

It is quite overwhelming performing at the stadium so we were delighted to see the children rise so well to the occasion and start to really enjoy the atmosphere and the crowd!

We were in an incredibly tough category in the heats and it was a delight to see so many of our team get through to semi finals and then to finals.

Well done to all of them – many of whom have just started competing in athletics this year, and we hope it leads to further competitions.

Thanks also to the parents and school staff who attended – staff clocking up nearly 50,000 steps between them (and that is without competing)!

Article 29: Education should help you express your talents, skills and abilities.


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