Year 4


What an exciting two days!  The children were so thrilled to get on the bus and go on a trip to Gibside!   After such a wet weekend we were blessed with sunshine all day and it was warm enough to enjoy lunch out on the grass too. We completed orienteering, some art, the low ropes and also a coupl


This week, Year 4 have begun to read a new book in English about the life and achievements of Usain Bolt. To launch the book, the children watched a clip of Usain  finishing the 100m in 9.68seconds. Following this, the classes went onto the field and had the opportunity to see how far they could ru


All week, the school has been talking about the European Football Championship! Each class in the school has been given a country to support throughout the championships and all of the children are excited to follow their team (and England, of course) throughout their matches. The teams each class h


This week we have been looking at angles and the properties of shapes.  We have been looking for acute, obtuse and right angles, along with describing shapes by the angles that they have.  Next we will be looking at the sides – discussing parallel, converging, diverging and whether they are equal


We have been working on data and statistics in maths this week, looking at different ways data can be presented, recorded and then interpreted.  We also squeezed in a conversation about protecting our data and being careful about what we share. In Maths we started with pie charts, bar charts and tw


For our Design and Technology project, Year 4 have had great fun designing and making puppets from felt. Firstly, the children designed a hand puppet that was based on a Hindu God or Goddess. Following this, the classes  learnt and practised different stitching that they could use to join to join m