We went on a trip!!

What an exciting two days!  The children were so thrilled to get on the bus and go on a trip to Gibside!   After such a wet weekend we were blessed with sunshine all day and it was warm enough to enjoy lunch out on the grass too.

We completed orienteering, some art, the low ropes and also a couple of parachute games.  The orienteering took us round large parts of the grounds, through the gardens, down paths, through the woods and back to the chapel to start.  The low ropes were a real challenge for the children, having to work in pairs to support and encourage and guide their partners.

The children showed amazing collaboration, team work, map reading skills, compass skills and also represented the school so well with members of the public and families around.  Obviously the bus trip itself was immensely exciting too!

It was just wonderful to see the smiles and hear laughing and chatter all day.  Thanks also to the parent helpers who supported on the day.

Then today we were lucky enough to have a session of outdoor learning with Miss Rowe that involved the children building stick towers to support an egg.  Working collaboratively in small groups with limited number of resources the children had to come up with their own style of tower to win the competition with the tallest tower successfully supporting the egg.

Article 29 – Education should help you develop your talents and abilities.

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