Year 4


In PSHE, year 4 have been learning about the importance of working collaboratively to complete a task. Their challenge was to work in teams to build the tallest structure possible, using only paper and sticky tape. They had lots of fun and demonstrated the benefits of working as a team. Article 29 –


This term, we are learning all about sound, how it travels and how we hear! This week we looked at how a sound wave travels better through a solid material. We tested this by having a conversation with a partner, but with each sentence taking a step back until we could no longer hear them. We then m


This term, our topic in PE is tennis. Last week, we had an excellent time exploring our forehands and today we have been practising our backhands. We found this week a little more tricky but persevered and by the end of the lesson we were looking like the professionals! Next week we’ll be moving on


This week, Years 1-5 all enjoyed a taster session from Destination Jodo. All the children across the year groups thoroughly enjoyed themselves during these sessions. The children were given leaflets about the Judo clubs that are run in our local area.     Article 29 – We all have the right


The children have particularly enjoyed studying the work of Francis Bacon and have been intrigued by his unusual style. They have shown great enthusiasm and imagination whilst creating their own collages of a distorted face, using a black and white photograph, tissue paper and oil pastels.


In Music, Year 4 have been looking at singing songs with actions. This week they sang the Sea Shanty ‘John Kanaka’ and performed a whole class dance. It was extremely fun for all!  


Yesterday, two teams of Year 4 rugby players went to Gateshead International Stadium to take part in a rugby tournament. Both teams played incredibly well and had a lot fun! Amazingly, both teams came second in their groups, well done teams!