Year 4


In RE this week, year 4 have been learning about the miracles that Jesus performed and thinking about their importance. The children displayed some excellent acting skills when they performed as a group to tell the story of the miracles.  


Our choir meet with Mrs Reynolds every week.  They have been practicing the following songs: ‘Try everything’ ‘One in a Million’ ‘No wars will stop us singing’ ‘Remember Me’ Their enthusiasm and singing talent is fantastic and the sound of their singing brightens up our school on Thursday lunchtime


This week year 4 were very excited about starting our history topic about the Vikings. They have made Viking longships and created a timeline on a Viking sword.


Year 4 have been enjoying learning the skills and rules of Unihoc. They had a go at playing their first game and really got stuck in!  


Year 4 have learnt about how electricity is made and used, and presented these facts to the class. They then looked at how electricity travels around a circuit and  made their own circuits using different components. They were amazed when they could make a bulb light using just kitchen foil and a b