Year 2


June 5th is ‘World Environment Day’ led by the United Nations with the aim of raising awareness and putting actions into place which will help protect the world in which we live. There are many ways in which our lifestyles have a negative impact upon our environment.  However, there are many ways i


Today, Year 2 had an amazing time working with a local artist. They used the outdoors for inspiration and collected their own leaves to inspire their work. Each class created a large piece of artwork using a range of techniques to recreate the colours, shapes and patterns they could see.


After all the hard work that the children have put in to make our Forest School and Fairy friendly place, the children were shocked to discover that a letter had been left by some of our magical visitors. It told the sad tale of some pesky trolls that have been destroying the fairy dwellings and ask


Year 2 have been developing their balances. This week they had a challenge of working with a partner to create a balance as well as balancing on a range of apparatus. Article 6: We all have the right to live and succeed at whatever we do.


The children in Year 2 were set a tricky challenge today. They were given lots of questions with missing numbers and all the answers were muddled up. The children had the job of sorting all their answers to match the correct question. They worked really hard using their inverse knowledge as well as


Year 2 were given a challenge this week that helped them to demonstrate their understanding of mathematical vocabulary referring to size, scale and comparison. A lovely fast paced activity for a cold, soggy day. Article 13 – We all have a right to say what we think and be listened to.


This week, Years 1-5 all enjoyed a taster session from Destination Jodo. All the children across the year groups thoroughly enjoyed themselves during these sessions. The children were given leaflets about the Judo clubs that are run in our local area.     Article 29 – We all have the right