Amazing Attendance Award

Today, special visitors came in to Harlow Green to deliver an assembly focused on rewarding excellent attendance.

Rob and Hannah were representing  ‘EYPS Teaching Supply’ which is working with our school to provide an attendance award, each half term, for the class that achieves the highest attendance over that period.

This is the first time this award has been organised so the winning class were going to be very special indeed.  When Rob and Hannah announced the winning class, we found that Miss Ledger’s Year 2 class had achieved a class attendance of 99.3% over the first half of the summer term, which was astonishing!  Individually, each child received a certificate and pen but the big prize was that the class won a cheque for £50!

Miss Ledger and her children  will now have to consider how this money will be spent, which is a lovely problem to have.

The rest of the classes were determined that they were going to win next half term’s prize but it will be a challenge to beat Year 2 who would love to win it again.  Good luck everyone!


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