Our new block of topic work in Geography is all about where we live.  Today the children thought carefully about this and during discussions decided that this could be their address or their town or village.  Some even realised that this could be the name of a country, England.  We used a globe t


In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about maps. The children went on a hunt around school and found lots of interesting map symbols, including a picnic site, a firepit and a polytunnel. From their hunt, the children recalled the location of each symbol and plotted them onto a map of the sc


Today, Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Sunderland Winter Gardens to learn more about our topic of ‘Life in the Rainforest’. We took part in a fantastic workshop called ‘Animal Adventures’, and followed a trail around the Winter Gardens. We looked around the exhibition and found lots of animals tha


  Children in Year One were excited to bring in  and share pictures of their homes.  Every child did a fantastic job of talking about their house and it’s features.  We also read “Handa’s Surprise” and compared how houses in Kenya are different to houses in the UK.  Look at our amazing wor


Our topic title for the Spring term is ‘Healthy Life, Happy Life!’ In Geography this term, we have studied rural Uganda and compared and contrasted this to life in Gateshead. The children have used images to explore schools in rural Uganda and used all of their learning to reply to a child from Ugan


Year 4’s topic this term is Aiming High!  We are looking at how mountains formed and what better way than using vinegar, balloons, sand, tissue and Kit Kats! We made fault-block, dome, volcanic, fold and plateau mountains. Can you work out which is which? Article 28 – we have the right to a good qu


In Geography this week, the children in year 5 have been learning about South America. They located the continent on a globe before using atlases to find the names of the continents and their capital cities. Using iPads the children researched statistics for each of the countries, such as population


In Geography we’ve been learning about how land use changes over time and we were fascinated to look at maps of Harlow Green from now and 100 years ago. So much has changed – and we couldn’t believe how many pits there used to be! Article 29 – develop a broad education that supports different talent


In Geography this term the children in year 5 are studying rivers. Firstly, they researched the significant rivers in the world. The children were surprised to learn that although The Amazon is the largest, it is in fact The River Nile which is the longest. Once they had identified the names of sign