To Infinity and Beyond!

Year Two have had a fantastic day at the Centre for Life. They have learned so much about our world and space.

They took part in a fantastic workshop and learned all about the continents and the animals that live there. Did you know there are more kangaroos than people in Australia? They also learned about famous landmarks in each continent, including the Great Wall of China and the Statue of Liberty. Did you know the seven points on the Statue of Liberty represent the seven continents of the world?

Next, the children went to see a science theatre show! They learned all about life in space and how tricky it is to be an astronaut. They got to watch lots of amazing experiments, including how a rocket launches!

Finally, the children visited the planetarium and watched the story of Little Bear as she learned about constellations and stars.

See the photos below for all the fun we’ve had!

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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