Souter Lighthouse

It was a pleasure to take Year One to Souter Lighthouse this week.  Fortunately the sun was shining all day long.  Our first activity was rock pooling on the beach.  All the children were given buckets and nets and after a long walk down to the water’s edge, everyone was excited to start looking for some sea creatures.  They were extremely hard to spot amongst the seaweed and rocks but we managed to catch some crabs, fish, limpets and a sea anemone.  We used a guide to identify each creature.  All of Year One had so much fun splashing around in the rock pools.

After lunch we were lucky enough to have a tour of the lighthouse.  It was very high and took a long time to climb.  But even though we were exhausted by the time we got there, the view from the top was amazing.  We learnt how the light used to shine and we watched it’s reflection as it span around. The children also had a tour of the engine room and the lighthouse keeper’s cottage.  The children remarked how it was just like the one that Mr and Mrs Grinling lived in, in the book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  What a fantastic day out!

Back at school the children enjoyed talking about their favourite part of the trip and wrote and drew pictures about what they had done.


Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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