Year 1


This term Year One are reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. The children looked at different objects from the story including a picnic basket, a cat and various items of food. Also, they created a scene from the story and acted out the voices of Mr and Mrs Grinling and


In Science, Year One are learning all about plants. The children investigated different kinds of plants that they could find on the field. They even looked at some books to find out what species of plants they had found. Article 28: We have the right to a good quality education.


This week Year One invited parents and carers to join them to make toys from the past. They worked together to make a cup and ball, a thaumatrope and a paper spinner. They had lots of fun. A big thank you to parents and carers. Article 21: We have the right to relax and play.


This week, Years 1-5 all enjoyed a taster session from Destination Jodo. All the children across the year groups thoroughly enjoyed themselves during these sessions. The children were given leaflets about the Judo clubs that are run in our local area.     Article 29 – We all have the right


Beamish was brilliant.  All of the children rode on a tram, took part in a Victorian school lesson with a very strict teacher and also had to help clean a miner’s pit cottage.  They even had time to visit the farm and some of the shops down in the town.  


This week we have been learning about signs of spring. We have been on a nature walk, drawn pictures and created a flip out frog. The children all learnt about the different stages of a frog life cycle.