EYFS Home Learning – Week 5

The staff in EYFS have been overwhelmed by the amount and variety of home learning activities that the children have posted to Tapestry and our e-mail this week.  It is evident that parents have been working hard to come up with new activities to make learning fun and keep their little ones busy. To develop mathematical skills, the children have been ordering number cards, making different number bonds, writing numbers, counting and writing number sentences.  They have also been learning shapes and creating repeating patterns.  To develop their language and literacy skills, the children have been reading books and then using the book to develop activity ideas such as making model boats or scarecrows.  A group of parents have also organised a pen pal group and the children have enjoyed writing and receiving letters from each other in the post.  Children have also been keeping active and working on their physical development. They have been manipulating dough, cutting with scissors, forming letters and numbers, riding bikes and scooters, bouncing on bouncy castles and trampolines and going for walks as a family.  The children have also enjoyed being outside this week in the sunshine whilst developing their knowledge of the natural world.  They have been building bird feeders and bird boxes and then observing the birds that come to visit them, planting seeds and caring for plants and even hatching their own caterpillars.   They have been developing their creative skills by painting, making ink pictures, building models, playing keyboards and drawing portraits.  I am sure you will enjoy looking at the photos of some of these fantastic activities.  Keep up the good work, we are so proud of you!

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