Year 1


This week Year One were introduced to their new English text. It’s a non-fiction book called ‘Let’s Build a House’. We launched this new book by firstly going outside, taking full advantage of the sunny weather, and they used natural materials to build a house. The children had to include walls, a r


Year One have been thoroughly enjoying our new topic in computing – animation.  The children have been using a programme called Scratch.  So far they have learnt to change the background, change the sprite (character) and can even input an algorithm to move two sprites at a time.  They are now re


Year One have been extremely busy this week learning to count all the way up to 50. The children enjoyed counting forwards and backwards and also learnt how to write the numbers down in digit form. During the week, the children were able to use counting equipment such as counters and tens and ones t


What amazing writing we have seen in Year One this week.  The Year One children have been learning about the importance of starting every sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a full stop. Firstly we talked our sentences out loud and even added actions for a capital letter and  a full


Over the past two weeks, Year One has been learning about the past. The children firstly learnt what the past is and what the subject of history means. We looked at toys from long ago such as a spinning top, a teddy bear, marbles and a rocking horse. Then everyone made their own cup and ball. We eve