Cake and Crackling Glazes

Some of our ceramics are out of the kiln, don’t they look amazing? Some are for school and some for the Angel Court garden and our hens have a lovely new sign for their coop too. 

Our final session with potter Lindsey Grieves, took place at Angel Court this week. The residents and children worked together to glaze their mushrooms and decorate the fish mobile pieces. They used a mixture of flat, matt glazes, some of which had a transparent gloss painted over the top, also a crackling glaze could be applied. The crackle glaze is less predictable and can move and shift during the firing process, which can give really interesting effects.  We are looking forward to seeing the results when these pieces come out of the kiln.

Tom made a beautiful Victoria sponge for our last visit, unfortunately Miss Rowe wasn’t quick enough to get a photo before it was devoured by the group. Tom making use of the new hens eggs.

After Easter Dom, our resident horticulturalist, will be back and we will start to get to grips with the Angel Court garden.

Article 15: We all have the right to friends.

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