The Constructors Championship

Year 4 collaborated to construct obstacles for an assault course. Forest School opportunities are designed to build on an individual’s innate motivation, positive attitudes and/or interests. Any Forest School experience follows a Risk–Benefit process managed jointly by the practitioner and learner, that is tailored to the developmental stage of the learner. The children had free reign to use any of the objects around, they decided how to manage themselves and the ideas just kept coming. Plans were tweaked, challenge was increased, they assessed for risk, for themselves and for others, they tested each obstacle then modified accordingly.

Throughout the week other, younger children could try out the course in their Forest School sessions, so obstacles were changed again if they wanted.  The Year 6 Outdoor Workers supported the younger children at the start of each session. They all had great fun and the cat even came to have a go.

The Risk Principle: Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.

Article 8: We all have a right to an identity.

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