Debris Shelters

Year 6 have been learning about more robust methods of shelter building. This simple debris shelter design is a really effective way of creating a weather-proof shelter, quickly. Miss Rowe had built a small scale model, this was a free standing shelter but this design also works well if you use the crook. In the free standing version you only need 3 sturdy inter-locking branches to create the frame. Against a tree, you only need 1 ridge line branch as a starting point. Ribs are then added on either side creating a space within. Then any leaf litter and woodland-floor debris gets piles on top for weather protection and insulation. A door can then be added.

As you can see some of the children really understood the process. Some very sturdy builds here. Others decided to use the clay to create Tree Guardians or worked in the allotments getting them ready for planting.  It is rewarding to see how independently the children can enjoy their Forest School and that they will leave Harlow Green with some useful skills.

The Holistic Learning Principle: Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Article 19: We all have the right to be protected and kept safe.

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