Minibeast Homes!

We have had a super week at Nursery this week! Our focus during small group times has been; ‘minibeasts’. Over the week, we have looked at different minibeasts, described them and talked about where we might find them in the garden. The children enjoyed talking about minibeast houses, what they would use to make one and the things they would need to survive. Nursery collected lots of natural resources, and made their own minibeast homes! The ideas they had and their reasons were fantastic.

Over the week, we have made worm art with spaghetti in paint and ladybird artwork, but decorating paperplates with black spots, carefully counting how many we stamped. We have also enjoyed playing ‘minibeast pairs’, trying really hard to remember where the matching cards were. In the garden, we have been on minibeast hunts, using binoculars and checklists to find them.

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