Sprite Songs in Full Colour

Lots of excitement and anticipation in Year 2 this week to see if there was more evidence of Sprites on our site.

You may not know much about Woodland Sprites, they are clever little creatures who are guardians of our natural world. From the trees above to the soil below and everything in between.  The children were amazed to learn that Woodland Sprites sing songs of colour to create friendship bonds. So if you ever find yourselves in the woodland at night (Sprites are nocturnal) you may be lucky enough to see bursts of colours brightening the darkness, that is the coloured breath of the Sprites as they sing songs of friendship to each other.

Amazingly one of the children did a bit of research after last weeks Forest School session, she discovered that in fact there have been Sprite sightings in and around Harlow Green, but not for many many years. She explained that was when the magical links in this area were at their strongest. Another child was sure that she had been in her garden at night and saw some coloured lights flickering in the trees, could it be Sprites singing?

They headed off to the woods to see if we could find any colours the Sprites may have left. What a surprise to find not only colourful threads of song but also Tree Wardens, created in clay and used by the Sprites to warn off evil spirits. The children collected as many colours as they could, they tried to work out which kind of Sprite sang each colour, yellow for the Sunshine Sprite perhaps? Sparkly grey for the Frost Sprite? Hmm lots to think about. Once they’d collected the colours Miss Rowe showed the children how to weave the colours together to create friendship bracelets, a skill taught to her many years ago by Cornish Sprites and designed to solidify the bonds of friendship.

Principle 2: Forest School takes place in a woodland or natural wooded environment to support the development of a relationship between the learner and the natural world.

Article 3 – Everyone who works with children should always do what is best for the child.

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