Forest School at its Finest

Year 6 really demonstrated the knowledge and confidence that they have gained over their years in our Forest School. With a checklist to fall back if needed, they set up the fire pit ready for cooking. This included ensuring all safety measures were met before any lighting takes place, Chopping wood for kindling, and splitting larger logs for fuel, the fire was then laid and lit.

Meanwhile another team set to work looking through available ingredients and deciding on recipes that they could follow. They decided on flatbreads and cinnamon dampers, with a bit of popcorn to quash the immediate hunger. Once the fire was at the optimum heat they started cooking.

Around the corner there were groups trying their hand at more natural fire-lighting, those with more experience supporting the less confident children. Another team were creating clay animals linking to the poetry they wrote earlier in the term. With the remainder of the children devising Forest School games to be enjoyed by the whole class.

The session was an incredible example of the guiding principles of Forest School put into action, the children should be incredibly proud of themselves and all the skills that they can now demonstrate.

Principle 3: Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners

Article 6 – We all have the right to be alive and develop in the best possible way.

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Fab photos! Such a great school activity/lesson… all my girls love forest school.

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