Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to Joseph Swan to carry out some Forensic science work. They didn’t feel quite so lucky when they were told they would be carrying out tests on the teachers’ ‘urine’ to see who had stolen all of the biscuits. despite this, the children enjoyed using chemicals t


Continuing our investigations around the shaduf mechanism, the children were taught how to create a tripod lashing. This follows their reflection on the previous session where the main problem was creating a secure and stable base for the shaduf. We discussed why the tripod is such a useful structur


As Autumn is in full swing, the children enjoyed an afternoon in the September sun clearing our raised beds.  They have started to turn over the compost, collect poppy and nasturtium seed pods for drying and began weeding some of our flower beds. Whilst this was going on the children made windy rib


In P.E. lessons, Year 6 have been learning the rules of tag rugby. They started off by spending a lot of time understanding the need to pass backwards and then started to be introduced to ‘tagging’ as a way of tackling. The children are now enjoying playing some small-sided games where they are usin


As wild winds hit Harlow Green, one year 2 class had still managed to make some lovely animal nests in our woodland area. Finding sheltered locations was key, it was an excellent way for the children to see how the weather can effect our native creatures. Due to the wind speed increasing, the second


As part of our new start in Year 5, we have been exploring ideas surrounding the three ‘R’s: Rights, Responsibilities and Rules. We thought about what the world, our country, our home and school might be like if there were no three ‘R’s. We then pictured our school and home and drew a scene


Year 2 continue to discover more about the natural world during their Forest School sessions. This week we are beginning to explore natural habitats, learning how humans impact the world around them. We discussed how we can introduce changes to our school site to ensure it is a safe haven for wildli