Water of Life

Very proud boys, showing off their tripod making skills.

During our Forest School sessions, Year 3 have been investigating the importance of water, both in ancient and modern civilizations.  Examining a globe, we discussed why certain countries have developed methods of transporting water, how this could be done and what kind of materials would be needed.

Looking at the Egyptian Shaduf as inspiration the children were challenged to plan and create their own water transportation device.

Following our Forest School ethos, the children are encouraged to take complete ownership of this task, to interpret it as they see fit.  Through trial and error they will build on existing skills and develop new ones to enhance their experiences and productivity.  They are discovering why communication is so important and how you can use a variety of different methods to pass on the same information.

This challenge will run across many weeks so the children can take time to reflect during and after each session. Learning how to recognise when things have gone well and how to address problems as they occur, building a sense of positivity and resilience.