The sun has got his hat on in Nursery!

In Nursery this week we have explored the season ‘summer’. The children have loved looking for signs of summer outside and discussing their favourite activities to do when it is sunny. The most popular ideas have been: visits to the beach, park and playing in the paddling pool. The children know the importance of staying safe in the sun and the need to wear caps and suncream. In Nursery, we have frozen our own ice pops to eat in the sunshine to cool us down. We made our own ice-cream parlour in the playdough area, and created different flavoured ice cream playdoughs to explore with: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mint and lemon. The children have loved talking about going on holidays, therefore, we created our own travel agency. Together we have been thinking about different places we could go on holiday too, and what we would pack in our suitcase depending on the weather.

For the Euro’s 2020 Day we have had so much fun learning about football, shooting penalties and making England flags!

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