Beebots go to London

This week in Reception, we have been learning all about St George’s Day and celebrating the Queen’s birthday.  As part of our theme we learnt all about the country that we live in.

We read a great story called ‘Me on The Map’  by Joan Sweeney which introduced the basic concept of using a map.  We looked at a map of the UK and learnt that we we live in England.  We learnt that the Queen lives in London and that London is our capital city.  We then found out about some of the places in London like Buckingham palace, The Shard, Tower Bridge and many more.

In computing we then created our own maps of London using the Beebot roads and blocks with pictures of London landmarks on.  The children had a great time learning how to programme the Beebots to make them travel from one place to another.  They used their counting and estimating skills to predict how many moves it would take to travel from one location to another.  They also used positional language when working out if the Beebots would need to travel forwards, backwards, left or right. take a look at the photos below to see our great work.

Article 7:  We all have the right to a name and a nationality.


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