Investigating Autumn

This week, the Reception children have enjoyed finding out about Autumn both at home and school.  It was great that so many children enjoyed  Autumn walks with their families last weekend and then brought in the Autumn treasures that they found to explore with their friends.  The children made leaf pictures, dough and leaf creatures and looked carefully at the Autumn objects that they had found.  We even found a caterpillar!  In school, we read the story ‘Vegetable Glue’  by Suzan Chandler and then talked about why vegetables are an important part of our diet.  We talked about our favourite vegetables and used vegetables in the classroom to make pretend soup, print with them, cut them open and look closely at their features.

Article 24   :  We have the right to nutritious food.

Article 28:  We all have the right to a good quality education.

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