School Cuts Petiton Outcome

I would like to say a huge thank all the parents/carers and a family members who have added their names to the national Parliament Petition regarding school funding.

As a result of the support from school communities, this issue will now be debated in Parliament on Monday 4th March.  Hopefully, along with other action by various groups, this will begin to have an impact upon politicians who have the ability to make positive decisions about funding.

The letter attached below, on behalf of schools across Gateshead, suggests that you as concerned parents/carers could do one more thing before the debate next week: contact your local MP (for our school area the MP is Ian Mearns – details on the letter) and let them know what you feel about the need for adequate school funding.  If our MPs are armed with the petition results and individual emails of concern, this will give more weight to their argument.

Thank you again for all your help on this issue; as a school we appreciate having your full support when working for the best education possible for all our children.

School Funding_Letter to Parents_February 2019

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