Religious Education


All of Year One have been enjoying learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali as part of their RE lessons.  They learnt that Diwali is the festival of light  and it is celebrated by lighting Diya lamps, giving presents and sweets and enjoying fireworks.  Rangoli patterns are created outside hous


Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about Christianity in Year 3. The boys and girls learnt about John the Baptist and were able to retell his story using visual prompts. As John the Baptist told people to repent their sins, the children wrote about something they wanted to say sorry for.


This term we have been looking at the Christian faith, focusing on the Miracles of Jesus and Christian pilgrimages. We looked at the well known miracles like Jesus calming the sea, feeding the five thousand and healing the sick, and then had a good class discussion as to whether modern miracles exis


This afternoon, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visitor in school! As we haven’t had one all year due to COVID, the children were very excited – as were the staff! Omair from Newcastle Central Mosque came in to help the children develop their understanding of Muslim prayer and worship, with a foc


In RE, the boys and girls have been learning about the importance of Moses to people of the Jewish faith. They enjoyed listening to the story before ordering the events and verbally retelling it to their partners. The children were all very curious and asked some great questions along the way. They


It has been great to have all of our children back in class over the last four weeks, and they have settled back into the school routine brilliantly! They are however, ready for a well-earned Easter holiday where they can now enjoy spending time with more of their family and friends. This week in sc


The children in Year 1 have been learning about how we celebrate Easter.  First we watched the story of Easter and how Jesus died on the cross. Then we discussed how Easter is celebrated at home. We came up with many different ideas including having a family meal on Easter Sunday, eating hot cross