Eggciting Adventures

Now the days are getting longer, so our hens are beginning to lay. The nursery children collected the eggs today. They were very surprised at how many colours and sizes there were. Who knew you could get blue or even green eggs! They were even more surprised when the eggs were cracked,  they all looked the same on the inside. Clear whites and rich, orange yolks. We talked about the fact that just like humans, eggs can be many different colours on the outside, but inside we are all the same. Hearts and lungs, muscles and bones.

The children are gaining in confidence looking after the hens and were really excited to taste some of the eggs they’d collected. Miss Rowe whipped up some scarmbled eggs back in class.

The Community Principle: Forest School uses a range of learner-centred processes to create a community for development and learning.

Article 24: We all have the right to healthy food.

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