Wizz, Bang, Pop!

In Reception, we have had a great time talking about Bonfire Night.

First, we were keen to share our experiences of fireworks events with some children showing us videos and photos they had taken with their families on Bonfire Night.  During the week we then took part in a variety of bonfire inspired activities.  We created our own firework pictures and talked about the sounds and shapes that fireworks make.  We decorated apples with chocolate, icing and sprinkles and put them on sticks.  In our handwriting session, we created firework inspired shape pictures. We even had the opportunity to watch a real fire when Year Two burned their junk model buildings during a forest school session about the Great Fire of Gateshead.  We learnt about basic fire safety and learnt that if we should ever catch fire we should drop to the ground and roll over.   Take a look at the photos below.

Article 31: We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.


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