Supertato to the rescue…

We have begun the term by looking at how we can make our Nursery garden FANTASTIC! We asked the children what they would like in their garden and this has started off by planting lots of fruits and vegetables.

We read the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and looked/explored lots of different fruits and vegetables. The children sorted them into 2 groups. We discussed where vegetables and fruits grow (under the soil and on trees/bushes) and how we look after them. When it came to planting seeds, the children got to choose which seeds they’d like to plant, most choosing their favourite veg!

When the children came into Nursery the evil pea had frozen all of the vegetables in the shop and created faces on them, it was their job to figure out how to save them. Lots of great ideas came into place, some used water in the tap to melt the ice, and some used hammers!  Some children even chose to make traps to trap the pea.

We cannot wait to watch our vegetables grow over the next few months. We’ll harvest the vegetables when they are ready to eat.

Article 28 – We all have the right to good quality education.
Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents, and abilities.

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